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How to register or Submit CV and Jobs

To register on HOTUAEJOBS.COM to submit your CV or Job Vacancies FREE

  1. Search on google www.hotuaejobs.com
  2. Click on Register button
  3. Enter user name & email address
  4. Enter Security Code (captcha)


Step Two

  1. Check your email,you will receive username and password,check all the folder including spam/junk
  2. Enter your user name and pasword (copy password from email and paste on password field ,to avoid mistake)
  3. Click on login button
  4. After logged on your dashborad , click on post Job/CV or Submit your CV


Step Three

  1. Click on Post CV / Job or Submit your CV
  2. To Submit CV select a category and follow the instruction and fill all the fields
  3. To Submit Job Select category name *JOB OFFER BY EMPLOYER,follow the instruction and fill all the fields
  4. Submit Your listing


Now your listing is live,Check on the category where you listed,you can add/edit/delete or Stop/Pause your listing by logging to your account